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Welcome to Kothay Koto. Now you get to find everything in one place. Searching, comparing, analyzing are made easy for you with the most recent updates and prices. Does not matter whether you are looking for a smartphone, TV, Home appliances or any cool alien machine- We got you all covered.

Finding a great product is difficult and time-spending even with intelligent help from the internet. All those online shops you visit are all showing values and specs individually which eats up time and makes your choices harder.

So, we decided to save your valuable time and resources by finding an effective way for this escalating problem.

We all have been there- going through all the pros and cons, opening numerous websites again and again. Then you have to again look for the best way to compare price, features without changing tabs continuously is just trouble. We will guide you towards the best price, quality, and choices of all values. So, let's act smarter. Compare, don't compromise. Happy shopping.